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what is the unique mechanic at the core everyone is talking about?


I introduced this to a couple friends of mine that have been stuck on D&D and Pathfinder for a long time and I've happy to give this a very big five star rating!

It's such a unique game mechanic at its core, and incredibly interesting of a twist - my players had a couple harder moments where they were discussing what it was best to use from whose grid, knowing there was an extended job up ahead of them and wanting to conserve their resources was a big feeling. They had quite a lot of fun with it, since it adds more risk than the systems they're used to.

We did wind up swapping out the "what's in your pockets" for the homebrew method of handling inventory that I've been using with them for a while - mostly because they like the freedom that method offers and are a bit attached, aha. 

There are a couple different ways I'm curious to see how it would work with shifting the grid around, so I fully intend to mess around with this some more - it certainly helps that the vibe and tone are absolutely my favorite combination of things, so I might even see how well I can run something set in my original 'verse with this too.


I'm reading this and I am HYPED by its innovation, specifically the stat sheet. It is intuitive yet hackable, much like the tone and setting of the game.

Probably the most fun and interesting rpg mechanic I've seen in a while. 

The potential is high on this game, in that you could do:

- advancements by adding a bit or two on the square edge 
- conditions/effects that "shuts down" certain bits
- rearranging the bits into a different shape, to create new stats
- classes/jobs that have a weirder starting shape and many more!


You could make a system of adventure fronts that uses the grid!