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the two of you are experienced swimmers. right now, you are treading water in the middle of a vast and empty ocean. 

this is not the first time the two of you have swum like this. it is, however, the first time either of you have swum out this far alone. the only thing visible — in every direction — is the thin edge of the horizon.

you are not lost, not fully — you have a notion of which way you came, and which way to swim back to land. but for now, the only thing left is to swim, and to talk, and to shrink that vast distance — stroke by stroke.


the thin edge is a  time-flexible larp for two players about melancholy, difficult conversations, and the interminable vastness of the oceans that span us.

recommended: an audio-emitting phone or speaker 路 a swingset, if you have access to one 路 a timer (optional)

this game was created for the Rolling Waves Jam, hosted by jackdawfactories, and takes inspiration from We Swim, We Talk, We Go To War, written by Mona Mansour.

photography credit: Billy Lam


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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