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You know the way these stories go:

Thirteen years ago, four struggling musicians made a deal with the Devil. What were they chasing? Fame, riches, adoration. Your classic Devil fare.

What happened next? Well, you know the way these stories go: the damned fools got it in their head to try and outrun their end of the bargain.

See, the Devil is coming to collect his due, and he doesn’t take kindly to those who can’t cough up. Which brings this story to the four of us here, now, huddled in the back of a freight car on a train hurtling to the one place the Devil will never catch us. One final, desperate shot at immortality.

And if we’re lucky? By the end of the night, one of us will still be left alive to tell the tale.

LAST TRAIN TO BREMEN is a storytelling game of doomed musicians and poor decisions. Perfect for a self-contained one shot, LAST TRAIN uses snappy rules based on Liar’s Dice and other push-your-luck dice games to deliver a tale of secrets, tension, backstabbing, and betrayal.

Build your band, saddle them with baggage, flee your cursed contract, and reflect together on all the choices you made that led you down this sorry path.

Three hours, roughly • Four players, exactly • Thirteen six-sided dice

Illustrations & Layout Development by Conner Fawcett
Dramaturgy & Editing by Weaver Walker

Updated 18 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorCaro Asercion
TagsDice, four-player, GM-Less, Horror, Music, play-to-lose, poc-made, Tabletop, tabletop-role-playing-game, tragedy
Average sessionA few hours
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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this looks SO cool!!!


Just played this with a group of good friends. Beautiful work, so tense and emotional, deeply touched.

Hi, love the game! I do have one criticism, printing this game is hard. The character sheets should ocuppy two pages but the pdf has them as one page. I would also like to have a print friendly version.


I've just updated the game files to include a more printer-friendly version of the rules! 

The game text and playsheets print a little more easily if you print from the spreads file, rather than trying to print two singles to a page.

Hello. I would like to email you regarding an icon I found on Game-Icons and would like to use it. Can you please provide an email that I can contact? Thank you!

I'd love to print this up zine-style for my table -- is there a version of it that doesn't have the beige background?

I've just updated the game files to include a more printer-friendly version of the rules, including spreads that are pre-formatted for double sided/ zine style printing. Hope this helps!

By the looks of it, this seems to be a cool rpg! Is there an overview somewhere of the rules and contents of this game?

Thanks for your interest! I've added a demo (0. Contents.txt) which provides an overview of all the files that come packaged in the core game. Hope this helps!


Hello! Are you able to send me an email: ash@long-tail.games 

This is the perfect structure for a new project I'm working on. Can we talk collaboration? 

Hi! Waow this pitch is awesome.  Give me chills!

Can you explain if this is a classical TTRPG or a GMless one?


It’s GMless! While you’ll want at least one person to keep the rules on hand to help facilitate, it should still be playable with four players who are sitting down with the text for the very first time.