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It’s the roaring twenties, and times are tough here in New York City. This town is no place for you, they say: it's teeming with dogs, cats, all sorts who would see you dead where you stand—if they could catch you.

You and your crew, you know it’s hard out there. So you do what little you can to make life a bit easier for the average rat off the street looking to escape their sorrows for a night. And you do it in the only way you know how:


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A Forged in the Dark hack about contrabandist mice. Created for the Felonious Fauna 2019 game jam. Uses a handful of six-sided dice. For three to five players or so.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I just played Squeakeasy with a group of friends and we all had an absolutely spectacular time. We laughed the whole way through. Our group rolled dice to choose the plot, and landed on "A rival pigeon gang is trying to conceal your missing crate of imported whiskey." It was so fun to build our speakeasy, characters, and the rest of the world together. The instructions were written clearly enough for me, a new DM, and my players, mostly new to roleplaying, to understand and hit the ground running. My one piece of advice for the GM (which stands for Grand Mouse, possibly my favorite part of the game) is if you want your players to feel really challenged, push hard with consequences on mixed successes and failures so that your players feel the need to expend stress to help each other and resist those consequences. We will likely play again to explore a different plot, and I'll be meaner next time. ;)

Oh my god someone made a game exactly for me. <3 Thank you! 

I love this quite a lot.

Thanks—glad you enjoyed it!