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The havoc of war stops for no one. Even the most capable squad can find themselves in a tight spot if they're not careful — and that’s where you come in. It’s stressful, running mission control for your pilots; in combat, fielding information for your crew can be the difference between success and catastrophe. But hey, that’s the job:

When the going gets tough, everybody can use an extra set of eyes.

The Watchpoint is a playbook for Beam Saber by Austin Ramsay. Watchpoints are shrewd lookouts and sentinels who work closely with their squad, offering them tactical support and guidance at a distance. Though they pilot no vehicles of their own, they seek to answer the question: what does it mean to improve the efficacy of a group that fundamentally advances the goals of empire? How do you take care of your crew without abetting the war?

This fully-illustrated playbook includes everything you need to play a Watchpoint, including:

  • 8 playbook moves and 7 pieces of specialist copilot gear
  • Unique custom mechanics for dealing with stress and resistance
  • Advice and best practices for bringing the playbook to life at the table
  • A section on the role of ethics in play
  • Tips on GMing for the Watchpoint

The Watchpoint is a Beam Saber Supply Drop. This material is an unofficial supplement and is not affiliated with Austin Ramsay.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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As a person who plays a lot of support and healers in other games, I really want to play The Watchpoint as a character who's in orbit of the planet the rest of the pilots and their vehicles are on. Abilities like Surprise Package make for a fun "okay, here's the thing you needed", dropped from the sky!