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In alleyways across the outskirts of a bustling techno-cityscape, a scattered collective of outcasts discuss their plans by striking matches and whispering into the resulting flames.

On a warm island facing the threat of war, a young woman sits on the coastline, observing the husks of warships that the coral reefs have dashed apart.

Deep within an abandoned lunar mineshaft, a single seed falls from the pouch of a terraformer; covered by soil, it will receive just enough starlight to sprout—but it will sprout nevertheless.

There are names here more powerful than our own; we may not know these true names out loud, but we see them nevertheless. It is up to us to treat them with the same reverence that we would the objects, the people, the places that they embody—that which has come before us, and that which will exist long after we are gone.


there are names here more powerful than our own is a worldbuilder, and a sister game to i'm sorry did you say street magic. It can be used in conjunction with street magic, or as a standalone tool, by one or more players.

The base rules of the game include three playbooks for free (City Classic 01 – 03) as well as a blank template for creating your own playbooks.

Purchasing the game for $5 USD or more will give you access to two additional batches of playbooks:

  • Batch 01 contains the playbooks Edge of Uncanny, The Year Tomorrow, Pastoralia, and Reverie.
  • Batch 02 contains the playbooks Nominal Anomaly, Eventides, Welcome to the http://, The Arts District, and Idyll Fable.

The preview file contains three of the playbooks listed in the above batches: Reverie, The Year Tomorrow, and Eventides.

(If you're from a marginalized community and can't afford the minimum price as listed, DM me at @SeaExcursion on Twitter for a free download key, no questions asked)


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there are names here more powerful than our own.pdf 6 MB
there are names here more powerful than our own.txt 8 kB
more powerful names preview.pdf 146 kB
more powerful names preview.txt 6 kB
more powerful names batch 01.pdf 163 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more
more powerful names batch 01.txt 9 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more
more powerful names batch 02.pdf 225 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more
more powerful names batch 02.txt 10 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more

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I used this with the Street Magic game and it works beautifully. My fellow players also appreciate having an oracle that boosts their imagination when they're not entirely sure what to add to the world. 


I absolutely adore this! The theming of the grids is glorious, and the rules are well laid out and easy to pick up - as easy as picking up a set of dice, I should say.