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An archipelago-based fishing town, separated by its various islands, gathers annually to celebrate the turn of the harvest.

A collective of magical artists embarks on an ambitious project: a guerrilla public transit system powered by enchanted street art.

In a sprawling metropolis decades from now, breakthroughs in biotechnology offer citizens superpowers far beyond mortal ability.

This city that we call home has a magic all its own. It is wonder, and joy, and spirit — and with that spirit, we breathe life into our city together.


i'm sorry did you say street magic is a GMless city-building story game for two to six players.  Discover and imagine a city filled with life and vivid detail, packed with a myriad of neighborhoods, landmarks, and residents. Discover their true names, and the ways that they intersect—then set events in motion that will change or alter their relationships.

for more on true names, check out street magic's sister game, there are names here more powerful than our own.

The illustrations in this game are from You Canʼt Get There From Here, a zine by Shannon Kao. Images used and edited with permission.

iʼm sorry did you say street magic was edited by Kai Gee, with sensitivity reading by Pidj Sorensen.

Layout by Caro Asercion, with additional layout consultation by Quinn Vega.

iʼm sorry did you say street magic was originally conceived as a hack of Microscope, by Ben Robbins.

Community copies of the game are available for free to those who cannot purchase the game at its price as listed.

iʼm sorry did you say street magic was made on the traditional land of the Chochenyo Ohlone people. Sovereignty was never ceded to the settlers who still occupy it.


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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One of the coolest things I ever backed on Kickstarter! Love it as a session zero for RPGs set in cities and towns...


i'm sorry did you say street magic is a surprisingly beefy one-session city-building game about the spirits of places.

It's got gorgeous and charming art and a simultaneously bold and soft layout that makes it super inviting to read and engage with, and it specifically builds game breaks into its flow in a way that I really dig.

Also, by the end of a session, you'll have a fully realized and vibrant city. This is fun in its own right, but probably doubly valueable to writers and designers and folks who benefit from having fully realized imaginary places on standby.

The game does tend to have one speaker defining facts about the setting at a time, so if your group likes very collaborative, discussion-based world-building, you may want to be a little looser with the game's structure. That said, there's also an extensive GMing advice section, so you'll have a lot of support for any other changes you want to make.

Overall, if you like games like Microscope and Quiet Year, or if you want a worldbuilding tool that will supply you with an extremely organic and lived-in feeling place (you could even use it for a dungeon ecology), get this game.


I missed the kickstarter for a physical copy - will there be opportunities to acquire one in the future?

when/will the supplement easy streets be available? 


Thank you for your interest! Easy streets is well underway — some of the contributing writers have been dealing with health concerns so we've had to push back the PDF release to aggregate all of the work in one place, but I've been formatting and laying out all of the finished decks so far. I'm aiming for an intended release as soon as we receive the final text; barring any drastic upheaval it should almost certainly be finished by the end of the summer.

that’s amazing and I hope everyone is on the mend!!! Thank you for the reply!!


this game was delightful and my first role playing game !! I’m a city planner and I loved building a beautiful city with my partner in the first session!! This would be such a cool workshop for planning schools!! Thank you 

I'm so grateful to hear that you had such a great time playing! Thank you for the kind words :)


Street magic has it all, the rare game that allows me to be on my creating small human scenes bullshit and my girlfriend on her grand world building bullshit at the same time.


The different steps are really easing us into the environment of the game : everything oozes coziness and brings us closer to the place that is happening. Bewitching work !


This game is like a finely and tightly wound clock. Each piece is a delight, and the overall structure snaps together so cleanly. When I think about the future of ttrpgs, I'd like to see games as welcoming as this one in terms of balancing instruction and complexity. The text is spaced out so that you can learn as you play, taking in one new part of it at a time.

I often find ttrpgs vibrant, beautiful, overwhelming, and well... exhausting. I find myself floundering or burning out over the course of a session. This is a game where I can keep filling in details round after round, switching between different modes of play to rest and recuperate. I hope to play this game many times over the course of my life, it's an absolute treat.


This game is delightful! Great to play with friends over a video call, with our City in a shared Google Doc. We made a wholesome but surreal metropolis and had a blast creating places & people. I highly recommend this!

I didn't know that Community Copies was a thing.  How cool.