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An archipelago-based fishing town, separated by its various islands, gathers annually to celebrate the turn of the harvest.

A collective of magical artists embarks on an ambitious project: a guerrilla public transit system powered by enchanted street art.

In a sprawling metropolis decades from now, breakthroughs in biotechnology offer citizens superpowers far beyond mortal ability.

This city that we call home has a magic all its own. It is wonder, and joy, and spirit — and with that spirit, we breathe life into the city together.


i'm sorry did you say street magic is a GMless city-building game for two to five players, played over 3-5 hours.  Populate the expanse of your city with neighborhoods, landmarks, and residents. Discover their true names, and the ways that they intersect—then set events in motion that will change or alter their relationships.

i'm sorry did you say street magic is a sister game to there are names here more powerful than our own.

cover illustration by shannon kao

Community copies of the game are available for free to those who cannot purchase the game at its price as listed.

If you're wondering why the game is so expensive at this moment in time — it's to encourage people to check out the Kickstarter campaign instead of purchasing the game off of itch.io! Once the campaign is over and the game's new layout is finished, I'll be re-uploading the game with new, finalized art!

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This game is delightful! Great to play with friends over a video call, with our City in a shared Google Doc. We made a wholesome but surreal metropolis and had a blast creating places & people. I highly recommend this!


Is there any notion of when it'll be possible to buy the game again, since the kickstarter is over?

I didn't know that Community Copies was a thing.  How cool.